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September 3rd, 2009 by admin

Here’s an article we wanted to share with you that just came up today on

Refrigeration School gives workers new skills

I had the pleasure of talking with both of these guys and they really have a lot of background to blend with their training from RSI. We find that many people are in the same situation now where the career they have been in is just not enough to keep them working. When you can take your experience and increase your marketability with training in HVAC/R you turbo boost your opportunities.

If you haven’t taken a tour of the RSI campus, now is the time to do it!

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9 Responses

  1. carlos

    do you have info on how to aply for a loan for school

  2. admin

    Thank you for contacting us. I have forwarded your email to our Admissions Department but you can start here:

    There is a link for the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as our school code you will need when you complete the form. Also, please complete our online application at the same time. If you have questions please contact a representative at (602)275-7133 or toll-free at 1-877-477-4669. Thank you again for contacting us and reading our blog!

  3. Dennis

    I read this article and it was my career in a box. I spent 18 yrs working in the electronics manufacturing industry and it was hit hard this year and I as one of 400 people to be released from my company. I went out looking for another job and found that many wanted experience as electricians and HVAC-R so i am now at RSI to fill that void. I never understood just how deversed this area really is. I am in the eletro-mechanical course and i am really enjoying it very much. the instructors really want you do well as what you do when you leave reflects on RSI and them. I have referred two people and they start this month and in October..I am really happy that I made this move in my career and can only hope that if someone is looking for a challenge and many new open opportunities this is the way to go!!

  4. Steven

    Do you have to your high school diploma or GED to go to your school. I am in process of working on my GED.

  5. admin

    No you do not need a high school diploma or GED. Please contact an admissions representative here and they can give you full details of what you need to do. There is also a brief explanation at this link:

    Thanks for asking Steven!


  6. Matt Nelson

    Any plans on doing any on-line courses. It wouldn’t be hands on, but I think that you have a lot to offer. Not that I don’t love AZ, but not everyone can afford to travel.

  7. Frank Mater

    I work at a company that services and installs HVAC in Knoxville, and we are very often looking for new recruits, but proper education is a must.

  8. ran

    If you decide to move to new york and looking for a job in the hvac field contact us!

    Visit Air Conditioning Specialist

  9. mike

    Very impressive training programs, great work providing new skilss to workers

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